[Feature Request] Plans for AF Studio and AFCC


Seems little is happening to the AF line. What are your plans going forward?

Would like to see:

  1. Native M1 version of AFCC

  2. Ability to save AFCC presets

  3. Updated FW with added features:

  • ability to switch between different level settings, so I have one level for mastering and another for mixing.
  • sleep mode?




Hey @nimo.rocks welcome to our Sound Explorers community!

Thanks for noticing this possibles improvements based on your experience with our products, we highly appreciate our community’s feedback!

We’ll mark this topic as a feature request to let our team know about them.

Let’s keep exploring :zap:

I agree with the updated firmware characteristics you pointed, specially with the sleep mode. I can’t switch the AF Studio on and off every day and pretend the power button not to break at some point. It’s strange also that the AF Mini can do that and the Studio can’t.

The Arturia button would be a great choice to bring the interface out of sleep mode. Would be great for the interface to enter sleep mode after a user set delay (ex. 20min) of no activity on the USB bus. MY monitor speakers and subwoofer does that as well as my SSL control surfaces.

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AFCC from time to time does not want to load on MacOs Ventura. When that happens I have to reboot. Getting AFCC up to date with an M1 version would be awesome. Might even consider getting the 8pre as well.

The AudioFuse does that. I don’t know why Studio doesn’t.

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Regarding the ability to change between presets.

When I master I use -28dB, which combined with Dirac Live calibration gets me to 75dB SPL, which is the level I prefer to listen/master at.

However, when I mix the level is much lower since I target -6 dBFS with no dynamics processing on the master bus.

So it would be really neat to be able to change on the interface itself between a couple of presets. 3 different presets would be a good number. One way to perform such a preset switch with the existing buttons could be to hold down the ‘speaker A/B switch’ and then either press ‘Main’ for preset 1; ‘Cue 1’ for preset 2; or ‘Cue 2’ for preset 3.

All three presets should have all AFCC parameters saved so that the preset switch could be used for multiple applications.

Hello there,

I can confirm that at least one point out of the 3 will be there pretty soon. Maybe more.
Unfortunately, I can’t say much more except “stay tuned”.
Ah, and also, thanks for pointing that out. We do appreciate feature requests.

That’s bad. Did you contact our support team in order for us to track the bug ? It will really help us if you could.


Have a great day !
Cheers !



I did contact support. They told me to reinstall which I did. So far I haven’t experienced the bug again. Will let support know if I do.


Any update on the M1 update for AFCC?

I would say less than a month.
Let’s see.

Hello !

We just released the M1 AFCC version.

Unfortunately, the preset feature didn’t manage to be in this version, but be sure that we will do an update with it in the upcoming months.

Sorry that it took us that much time to release a M1 native version, I must admit that we were focused on our new interface.

Cheers !

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Hi Tim,

I will take that, that is great! Will we also see an FW update for the interface itself?




There is some ongoing work on the Studio but you cannot expect a FW update in the short term.

Cheers !

Hi! Would it be possible to add MIDI over Bluetooth? I don’t know if the Studio hardware supports it, but it’s a great function to keep in mind.

Hello !

Unfortunately no, the bluetooth of the Studio can only be used for Audio streaming.
We cannot change that without some Hardware modifications.


No problem! Thanks for the reply!

Any update on AFCC functionality and AF Studio FW update?