[ Feature Request ] Pigments (new sound generator, function editing and more...)


I would like to see ( and I hope others too :slight_smile: ):

  • Function improvements:

    • We have different times for functions like sync, hertz, etc… but I thing new one with second and millisecond would help for Envelope type of function. For example if time will be too short, it will display in millisecond but when time change for too long, it will automatically switch to seconds.
    • Envelope without sustain. If I swtich to Envelope, I am forced to use sustain for one point, it will be good if there will be option to not use it. (Similar as it has LFO mode with one time only when retrig)
    • Show a grid and snap to it.
    • Also possible to draw steps with width as grid is set (for example if I have 32 grid, then I draw 32 steps, if I have grid with 4 steps I draw only 4 steps). That means each step will be wide as whole size of area divided by steps (X / 4, or X / 16).
  • One more function (I thing 4 functions will be enough)

  • Also 4 combinators :slight_smile:

  • Spectral or Harmonic filter, with posibility a draw it.

  • Wavetable editor will be super.

  • New sound engine : Harmonic or Spectral (similar to IL Harmor) with audio resynthesis and image. And display it as image (spectrum) and allow to change it by draw or change each line horizontaly (512) with line, curve and freehand tools. The editor for lines means, horizontaly is time and verticaly amplitude level of one harmonic.

    • Internal filter for this sound engine (like IL Harmor) and possibility to draw it. For interesting and various sound change.
    • Also mangle a harmonics with some easy ways like blur, how strong a pitch will be aplied to each harmonic. etc…
    • easy access to all samples and wavetables included in Pigments for resynthesis.
  • And I almost forgot about MS-20 24LP filter.

PS: I understand that increasing more functions, combinators etc… can make a porblem to display it in front panel, but what about if there will be more functions, add it into one bigger window and divide it as “window” (that means first two will be displayed above and last two under). Later I update it with images what I mean, to better understand.

Hey @Obelix welcome to our Sound Explorers community!

Thanks for your feedback on Pigments and for sharing your ideas with us! we really appreciate it.
We will mark this topic as a feature request to let our team know about it.

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