[Feature Request] Pigments is really great...was wondering


Pigments is an amazing synth - you can do so much with it, but I was wondering if the new Shimmer FX is available in any of your EFX plugins? - would be great to be able to have it on other sources.

Many Thanks.

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Hey @kingofbeers welcome to our Sound Explorers community!

Sadly, it’s not available as a separate effects plugin, but who knows what the future might bring! (That’s not a hint of any kind so don’t read anything into it lol).

I will mark this topic as a feature request to let our team know about it though, maybe if enough people request it?

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Hi @kingofbeers. I will also welcome you to the community.

I’m not sure which excact sound effect you are looking for with the shimmer. But i can suggest you download and test Arturias Efx Fragments:

Hey thanks for the suggestion, while I have already tried Efx FRAGMENTS - its great for other stuff but the sound of the reverb shimmer in Pigments is really great, like I said I’d really love to see it as a seperate plugin! :+1:


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