[Feature Request] Option to configure larger pbend range for incoming midi

Hello, would it be possible to add an option to configure a larger pb range from incoming midi to be able to harmonize the minifreak’s midi response with other instruments ?
96 would be perfect !
Thank you very much.

Hi @KaOsphere. Welcome to the community.

From the manual:
"Bend Range: sets the range of pitch bend messages from MIDI [p.102] or the
Touch Strips [p.79], in semitones.
• Shortcut : Sound Edit + Pitch/Mod wheel"

Is’nt that what you are looking for?

Thanks for your message.

I don’t think so, what you suggest works for the keybed, so it’s internal and eventually midi out.
I’m looking for a midi in option to choose how to react ( scale ) to incoming pb messages.

Have you tried?

I wouldn’t ask if I hadn’t.

Well you did’nt say so.

As you can see from the manual text i provided, then it specificly mention “from MIDI” or the TouchStrip.
I understand that as the PB range you set in MiniFreak is applied to incomming midi, So if the range is set to 2 semitones, then it will bend 2 semitones, when the incomming PB message is full range.
I would think it should work, if the midi routing is set correct.
Perhaps you exspect another behavior.

Unfortunately i can’t test, as i don’t own a hardware MiniFreak.

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Pb works, in fact there is not enough range avaliable to make it consistent in a setup which multiple mpe devices like essence fm, osmose etc…
I will change the title of the thread accordingly.
Thx !

Yes please Arturia, from me too! I just came to Minifreak from Microfreak, for the much fuller MIDI CC implementation amongst other things. Microfreak allows for +/-24 semitones, and I was disheartened to discover it’s only +/-12 on the Mini in firmware v.2.0

In my case I’d been hoping to use with a Therevox ET-5, which ideally needs a +/-24 response, but I agree even wider ranges (48, 96 etc) would open up use as a brilliant self-contained voice for MPE controllers, even if only in a monophonic mode.

Thanks - R