[Feature Request] OK - we have the DX7 V - now what about TX816?

I like the DX7-V - but recently I finally got my old TX816 back in order (installed a modified Synclavier PSU that give my modules the power they need, as the original is slightly underpowered - and at this age in desperate need of a recap… ) - while I was at it I also installed batteryholders on all my TF1 modules. I have also - after a lot of hazzle - managed to get my old sounds back into the 816… - and what can I say? This synth totally blows away all of my HW-synths (I have a quite a few)- including my software ones… I am - of course - an owner of the excellent Arturia collection… - but here I am… My TX816 with 8 DX7s is just better than everything else I have gathered through the years. It’s a nightmare to program one FM sound using 8 DX7’s… (look at each of the 8 6op synths as a partial in one sound) but the reward in the other end is totally worth it. I may also add that I have an old Yamaha DMP11 to submix the TX816. In it there’s an SPX90 FX… With its Symphonic FX it adds further. No synth (and yes that includes the CS80) can make that rich a sound.

So - if a company already have made a nice software DX7 - are there any logical obstacles of making the king of all FM-synths (it’s the king… way beyond the Synclavier, the DX1 and DX5). Ok it looks like a boring black box. And - sure it is a boring black box.

What’s needed in a GUI for 8 DX7s is:
Ability to edit all the 8 modules in one screen (like the extinct Sounddiver could). This is the way to make one sound using 8 DX7’s. Nothing else will work and you will still have to set aside a week to make a patch.

And - to make that job easier - it’s essential to be able to talk to hardware DX’s… in all of their forms. Utilizing the vast library that is out there… and - ofcourse - be able to send sounds the other way.

So there - that’s what I’d like to happen. :slight_smile:


Hope your dream will come true, eivind! :pray:

It seems a daunting task, but who knows? I coud not find a demo of the TX816 alone. I’m curious how 8 stacked DX-7 may sound.

The CS-80 and the DX-7 were the first synths I bought from Arturia before buying the whole collection. I once owned a DX-7 but since the battery had to be changed I gave it away. I had a lot of fun with it.

Hi @eivind we’re glad to see you here!

Thanks for your feedback and for sharing your experience with us.

We will mark this topic as a feature request to let our team know about it.

Let’s keep exploring :zap:

Up for this !!

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