[Feature Request] octave +/- and light dimmer setting, assign pedal to CC!

I upgraded from an OG Keystep to the Keystep 37, and overall it’s been a positive experience.

However, these features are still missing after years.

DIM or disable the LED lights including the octave so they aren’t so bright and distracting, especially when they blink so fast on high/low octaves
This affects both studio and live use

Assign the pedal to a CC
The little KeyStep had it, why is this missing the bigger brother? PROOF from the original, see page 61:

I want to change it from CC 64 to something else.

Surely they are capable in hardware but need drivers?

This affects KeyStep 37 and KeyStep Pro.

Does anyone else feel similarly?

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More previous mentions (only 2 links/post alas):

This one too:

And this for OG KeyStep:

“LED brightness setting in MIDI Control Center, to dim the overall brightness”

Again, why isn’t this a thing for the newer models?

I was reminded of this post today, does anyone else feel similarly abut these missing features?


Apologies, it seems we’ve missed this one somehow, i’ll list it as a feature request for you now, that way our team will be aware of it.


@matjones Thanks I appreciate it! These features have been missing from the more recent/expanded KeySteps for a long time now, so if your team could make happen, that’d be really great.

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