[Feature Request] Multi-Instance Synchonization Option

I would like an option to automagically synchronize Soft Instruments, Effects, and Presets between instances, much the same as the option with most web browsers.

Currently, I manually copy purchased and custom preset libraries from my workstation to my mobile rig, but hopefully will soon get around to building a script to automate that copy and transfer using my cloud storage.

It would be wonderful if you built that into ASC.

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HI @Muiren and thanks for the idea, i can see quite a few people might like this feature.

We’ll leave it marked up as a feature request so our team are aware of it.


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Yeah, I’v been hoping for this a long time. When Arturia released the app for AstroLab, it was instant envy and a clear sign that it is possible to implement over wifi.

Currently, I get this done using QSync with a QNAP NAS as a central hub. A free/open source option is Syncthing,.

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@ Muiren
@ matjones

A closely-related idea / feature request, commenting here, dunno if it would require or warrant a separate feature request:
a customizable folder location for presets only.

It would be really useful to be able to keep presets in a folder separate from other resources. I know it’s possible to customise your resource folder location in Arturia Software Center, but that’s overkill for this purpose, since I only need to sync user-created presets.

I work with two computers, and use Dropbox to sync Ableton Live’s User Library, since it’s a separate path from where other Live resources are. It’s a handy way to sync just the essential stuff, and keep things that need more disc space local-only. Also, the essential things are constantly backed up.
It even works when the Dropbox folder has a different path on the two machines.