[Feature Request] MOTU Digital Performer support?

Is Arturia ever planning to support MOTU Digital Performer.
(DAW)? Keylab 88 MKII

I’m not a MOTU user, however, shouldn’t the default Mackie Daw Mode of the Keylab work with it? Except if you mean deep integration.

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Hey @Tprentis welcome to our Sound Explorers community!

I cannot say if or when Arturia will support DP officially, but i can log this as a feature request for you so The Dev Team can be made aware.

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Thanks, I appreciate the info. I’m new to my Keylab 88mkii and thought I’d see if anyone ha info. I do have much experience using MIDI, however the majority of it is programming my Yamaha synths.

Thanks or the info. I will play with the Mackie Control :ok_hand:

BTW, here is a small sample link
of what I do with Motu Digital Performer and my Yamaha XS8, ES7 and Spectrasonics Omnisphere. Thanks again :wink:


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Hi all, Digital Performer is officially supported by Arturia.

If you encounter any issue with your Keylab in this Daw, do not hesitate to reach out our support team!