[Feature Request] : morphing capability similar to Polybrute's

Hi all,

Having a Polybrute and enjoying an extensive use of its morphing capabilities, I would waaaarmly welcome the same kind of function in Pigments which, IMO, looks ready to be implemented that feature.

Now I know how it feels like on the Polybrute I can undoubtedly say it would be cool to possibly set start and end points of parameters which are to be modulated while choosing its modulators (hope I’m clear enough).

Mainly speaking we could make two different sounds while keeping filter types and oscillator types unchanged then morphing one into the other using a “morph” controller.

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Hey @Michael_G

Great idea!

We’ll keep this marked as a feature request so our team are aware of it!

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If I’m picturing what you are envisioning correctly, you can do that exact thing using the existing macro knobs. Just assign one macro knob to all the parameters you want it to morph. The one thing it couldn’t replicate from the Polybrute is morphing between analog engine waveforms, but even that could be imitated using the Wavetable engine instead.

Mind you, this would take a while to setup. So having a feature that you can simply turn on and it will do all that by default would be a huge win for speedier workflows.