[Feature Request] More ELP Tribute Patches?

I’m not in this forum very often but it looks like I posted my last question just a week or two before they made the legacy forum read-only (maybe THAT’S why I never got any response :smile: ) so I’m reposting now.

I had purchased the ELP Tribute sound package last summer and there are some really nice sounds in here. What I would love to hear, though, are patches for Toccata from the Brain Salad Surgery album.

Anyone at Arturia, please consider this a request but, meanwhile, have any other vintage ELP fans come across those patches anywhere else?

HI @Toccata

Great to see you’ve made it over to the new Sound Explorers Forum.

I can mark this as a feature request for you, but it might be worth seeing if you can get a discussion going with other members too possibly? I know there are one or two other ELP fans who visit this forum too.


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Thanks @matjones…good idea.

Based on ID name, I’ll assume that @ELP_freak may have some interest in this topic! :grin: Anyone else who’s interested in a wider range of Keith Emerson presets (especially for the Moog Modular), please feel free to jump in on this conversation. What would be a great preset package for you?

One patch that really needs to be reproduced is the “Hoedown” intro. I’ve got a very good reproduction of one of the “Toccata” patches on my Oberheim Matrix-6R - the one where the VCO’s start out at played pitch and then FM by square wave LFO ramps up until you’ve got an octave trill. I wish there were some authoritative info on how “Hoedown” was done; some oscs stay the same pitch and others swoop way up but land at a lower pitch.

Hi @NewNumbers ,

I can be wrong. But i don’t think it’s a LFO. I think it very well can be manual playing.

My guess is different Keyfollows is used.
In example Driver one can be set to use Keyfollow 1 with the default 1 Slope.
Driver 2 can be set to use Keyfollow 2 with it’s Slope set to 2.
Driver 3 can be set to use Keyfollow 3 with it’s Slope set to 3.
A Middle C is by default common tunning. When you play a note one octave above that C, then the firsts driver go up one octave, Slope 2 will go up 2 octaves and slope 3 will go up 3 octaves.

Activate Glide when the notes shall glide up. Deactivate Glide when playing the common root note.
Play mode is MONO. Different OSC’s can if needed be tuned individually.

It is possible to deactivate Glide for each keyfollow individually, and it’s possible to have a note play the same note no matter which key you play, if that actually is going on.

Hope this can help you to create the sound.