[Feature Request] Missing Sidechain expose in Studio One


I have reported this before, but it’s a major issue, so i will post about it again in this new forum.

Unfortunately the following Arturia plugins does’nt expose their audio input for Studio Ones new Sidechain feature:
Buchla Easel V
Mini V3
Modular V3

For other Arturia plugins with audio input only VST3’s expose the audio input for Studio Ones Sidechain feature. I think that’s how it is, but it’s a problem you can’t select midi channels for Arturias VST3’s.

Please fix.

Hi @LBH,

Thanks for reporting this behavior on Studio One :metal:

I’ll mark this topic as a feature request to let our team know about it.

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Thanks @sand.arturia

In example Vocoder V works fine.

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Noted @LBH