[Feature Request] Minifreak V - Please add a Metronome

I’m struggling to find the metronome switch for the MiniFreak V sequencer in the standalone variant. I only find a setting to adjust the volume for the metronome. Also no documentation for the on/off switch in the manual.

Hi @Guy

You do appear to be correct as far as i can tell, it seems that it’s controlled from the hardware MF, if you have one of course.

Might be worth you creating a feature request post.


yes, I own a hardware MF but there is no metronome in the Minifreak V when I turn it on hardware-side (connected). I am surprised that I’m the first one here who noticed the missing metronome on Minifreak V :slight_smile:

Hey @Guy

There is reference to it in the v2 manual, I had a look earlier today, it says to shift/click on the tempo control, which I tried of course, but it did nothing in the standalone MFV, so I assumed it’s for the hardware.
I’ve been too tied up today to be able to grab my MF and dig deeper though.
Not at my machine currently, but if you hit the product page on the main site, grab the latest manual; you’ll find ‘metronome’ mentioned 9 times.

Hope that points you in the right direction!!

Hi @Guy and @matjones ,

Note from the manual section 7.1 Settings.

“Aside from the Global Settings, all of these sections are relevant only to a MiniFreak hardware
synthesizer connected to MiniFreak V. They give you an easy way to change the synth’s deeper settings
without having to use the Sound Edit or Utility menus.”

I would like to have a metronome in the standalone MicroFreak V without having to connect the hardware.

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Thanks @LBH that saved me a bit of time!

Yep i’d like to see the same too.

Let’s make it a feature request eh!

Thanks for the quick response and good input. First thought I am to stupid to find the metronome on the minifreak V.

A Metronome on the MFV would be a nice to have but I would more prefere the arturia development team to work on a more robust synchronization of presets and performance. The performance of my Minifreak V is not the best on moderate latency times on my 2016 Macbook Pro. NI does not have these performance problems on my computer.