[Feature Request] Minifreak sequencer pattern nudge

Sometimes I get a great arp thing going, convert it to a sequence, but then want to nudge/offset the pattern.

I’ve looked through the manual and searched around for info, but it seems it’s not possible (currently) to nudge a sequenced pattern forward and backward?

Just want to make sure I’m not being an idiot and missing something before submitting a feature request…

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Hi @blacker
Great to see you’ve made it to the new Sound Explorers Forum!

I think you’re right actually, i have a MiniFreak too, Awesome aren’t they!
I don’t recall a way of doing this and, after a bit of a fiddle, can’t find one either.

I’ll list as a feature request for you so our team are aware of it.


Awesome - thanks very much!

Hi there! I’ll add my desire for this feature too please - I have both Microfreak and just got a Minifreak - they have superb pattern / arp generation and mangling tools, and like @blacker I’ve often got a decent arp going from spice/dice, then transferred it to a sequence, but it’s not in the right phase for my taste, and there’s no easy way to “rotate” the sequence, which wouldn’t be a problem if you could also specify the start step… these two features would be AMAZING please - they are super useful on my Zaquencer.

I also have a MB-2S and again, I’d love to have sequence “rotate” and “set start step” options on that sequencer too please! Thanks for all you do at Arturia - love your gear!

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