[Feature Request] MIDI-control over Audiofuse Studio

This might be a feature that is already available but I tried figuring it out myself and scouring the internet and had no luck. I have a Audiofuse Studio and a KeyLab Mkii 49 and I think it would be a really nice feature to be able to control the hidden internal mixer in the Audiofuse Control Center with MIDI CC instead of having to move the sliders with a mouse. If this is already doable please let me know, otherwise is this a feature that is implementable with a firmware update? It would be perfect if it was also possible to use the same control when with MIDI only when using the equipment without a computer since it would eliminate the need of a separate mixer for dawless.
Thanks in advance!


I came here looking for an answer to exactly the same question. I’d happily sign the petition to get this implemented. Like you, I’m using the AF Studio- love it, but have recently moved to a sit/stand setup which puts the hardware out of arms-reach. Being able to control the software via midi would save me a heap of time fiddling around with levels and buttons via mouse- and that’s once I’ve clicked over to the correct window. How do folks with the 8Pre work?? Please Arturia- add this feature!!