[Feature Request] Microtuning!

Help me make some noise! All my Korg synths support micro tuning (except OpSix) - the Prologue - all the 'logues, ModWave, etc. I have my entire modular rig capable of micro tuning via Blokas MidiHub and ShakMat Bard Quartet. An engineer with Moog said in 2019 that post firmware 1.0 micro tuning would “definitely” be a feature on Moog One. Try a listen of Wendy Carlos Beauty in the Beast. (She’s not on streaming - she’s all that). Or go hear Sevish on streaming platforms. Once you discover the joy of microtonality you may never want to go back! Especially for music that does not modulate - just intonation sounds noticeably fatter! I’m doing modular/hardware sound bath events with a woman who plays quartz bowls in just intonation A=432. It sounds so awesome when i am actually in tune with her!

So here’s my vote for microtonal scales - preferably user editable - on my: PolyBrute 6, Matrix Brute, MicroFreak.

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HI @enemysender and welcome to The Sound Explorers Forum!

Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll leave it marked up as a feature request so our team are aware of it.


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Sevish is awesome! I’d love a built-in simple way to use any patch microtonally.
I was able to make a couple 24 TET-ish Polybrute patches by modulating Pitch with Key/Seq, but it’s not very flexible or precise.

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The Blokas MidiHub can do this, it’s a clever little device. But it splits polyphony up into separate channels, one channel per note, so you need a multi Timbral synth for polyphony. And I’m using midi LFOs and such so I quickly exceed DIN MIDI bandwidth. Who’d have thought that would be a concern in the 21st century LOL! I have a Moog one as well and bugging them about it.

Arturia, in my opinion, have succeeded remarkably at producing powerful and unique instruments, instant classics, at a surprising price/quality ratio. And their inclusion of cv/gate on many synths plus the rackbrute is interesting for a company that does not make any modules…