[Feature request] "live mode" (previous/next preset navigation)

I just updated to firmware 2.0. Really awesome update. Thank you very much!

I especially loved the new favorites feature. It will improve UX a lot for my band, as we switch presets a lot during a gig, and the previous patch change was a nightmare.

Seeing what you did there (pressing shift+save to enter a new mode), here’s a feature request for a new mode (call it “live mode” or whatever).

-Press shift+save once to enter favorites mode. Press them again to enter “live mode” (and press them again if you want to go back to normal; that is, shift+save would cycle between three different modes instead of turning favorites mode on and off).

-In “live mode”, you can assume users have their presets ready for live performance, so you could use two buttons (they could be the octave -/+ buttons or the sound edit/save ones) for a different use, that would be moving to previous or next preset.

This, to me, would be even better than favorites mode, because you would only use two buttons to navigate between patches and you would also have the “click” feedback when changing presets.

Happy end of 2023, and here’s hoping for more MiniFreak upgrades for 2024! :slight_smile:

Hey @molul

Great to see you’ve enjoying the new v2 firmware, it IS rather good!

Nice idea there, we’ll list it as a feature request so our team are aware of it.