[Feature Request] "Link to minifreak" assignable button

Can you guys make the button “link to minifreak” assignable?

I want to use several instances of minifreak v but i don’t want to be using the mouse to link and unlink my minifreak everytime, can you guys make the option so that “link to minifreak” be assignable?
when i press “learn” i can assign knobs and previous/next presets but not the “link to minifreak”
It would be great for my workflow and it’s probably simple to do that…


Hi @calhaus we’re glad to see you here!

Thanks for your feature request, indeed it could be nice this improvement.
We will mark this topic as a feature request to let our team know about it.

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Best :zap:

Thanks, this would be awesome and probably simple.
For now i’ve change a m4l plugin so i can press a midi button that will emulate a mouse click to press the button “link to minifreak” but that’s very annoying…