[Feature Request] LFO Reset Request

Hello, I see this was requested in the legacy forums as well in 2021, but unless I’m missing it, I don’t see it added, so I’d like to request it.

Please tell me if I’m overlooking a way to sync the LFO to the DAW tempo so it gives a “deterministic” output, in other words to get key presses to retrigger it, or to get it to reset based on seeking or looping in your DAW.

I see the motion recorder does retrigger, but it’s not a substitute for an LFO because it relies on drawing in patterns by hand; the precision isn’t there.

Right now the only way I see is using DAW LFOs via automation but that defeats the purpose of instantiating the synth’s built-ins and makes MIDI mappings for expressive playing more complicated.

I don’t see something like this on the Matrix 12 V, either. I loop two instances of it with the same settings and LFOs with “sync” turned on to modulate the cutoff for a pulsing effect, but upon playback, they may or may not start in time with each other, and even if they do, once the loop repeats, it’s rhythmic cacophony. Why is this, and is there any way to change this internally?


Mini V3 unfortunately no changes. I assume it will be there in Mini V4.

Matrix 12 V do have Retrig options. But each voice have it’s own LFO.

  • You can set a retrig point using the LFO’s RETRIG parameter.
  • In the Page 2/ LFO section of the synth you can set the retrig to OFF, SINGLE and MULTI. OFF is no retrig. Single is Retrig when not playing legato style. Multi is Retrig also when playing Legato style.
  • Matrix 12 is quite detailed.

If you use Unison Playmodes in the Voice Zones, then you have a LFO that can retrigger all voices playing, at the same time.

All LFO’s can be set to Sync using the Node icon right to the SPEED parameters.

Actually the cacaphony you talk about is something that many complain about in synth, when it’s not there. It give life and many possibilities, but perhaps not for you. Having voice based LFO’s was more exspensive than having only one LFO for all voices back in the hardware Matrix 12 days.
Many Synth did’nt have retrig/ reset option and absolutely not Sync options. But i think those options should be there today.

The Vibrato is monophonic that affect all voices with the same modulation. It is free running. And it can’t be synced.
Sync and Retrig options for Vibrato would be great to have.

Another time please create seperate threads for different appplications, to keep things in order in the forum.
I don’t mind if Arturia split this thread into two threads. One Mini V and One Matrix 12 V.

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Thanks, I followed your words and I got it synchronised now on the Matrix, I must have had the retrig modes set up differently. I do think that disalignment between LFOs can be great when intended, and it’s pretty awesome that there’s 5 LFOs here.

That sucks about the Mini V3. I don’t get how some of the more experimental components they added on got the priority here. Although those components are cool.

You’re welcome.

Let’s see what happens in the future. The applications have been around for a long time, and this have been requested a long time ago too, so i very much doubt it will be added untill perhaps in a new reworked version. Only Arturia knows.

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