[Feature Request] Keystep for piano players please

Please make a KeyStep with something akin to a Doepfer 88-key keyboard inside. Have heard that the keybed in the KeyLab 88 isn’t much better than the Native Instruments S88 that I’m looking to replace. Honestly just need something with some standalone functionality as DAW control isn’t a priority. Love the way KeySteps can be used to come up with musical ideas and interact with hardware synths. So just need that but with 88-keys that don’t compromise quality.

I just don’t want to buy a Doepfer LMK2+ and velcro a Keystep 37 to it, as this is currently my setup with my S88 and it feels silly. This is obviously a niche product but I think electronic producers who also play piano may really like it. For example, we could split the 88-keys in to multiple zones for hardware / software synths… and send MIDI arp / sequences to external gear… but also have a nice piano keybed.

The closest I’ve found is the Roland A88 MkII which costs similar to the S88 and KeyLab Pro. But I would like to stick with Arturia since your hardware seems really well thought out.

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