[Feature Request] Keystep:Create a new empty sequence while playing live

I love my keystep, I’ve got the original 32 key controller. More often than not it is my jamming companion, but I really have struggled with using the sequencer on a live setting. There is no way that I’ve found that would allow me to erase the current sequence and/or create a new empty sequence with at least 16 or ideally 32 or 64 empty steps. I have to stop the sequencer, add the empty steps manually one by one and then hit play again, but this is not possible to do in a live setting and definitely not an easy way to get it done. Has anyone found a better solution or is there an update in the horizon to add empty sequences live?

Hi @altertango

AFAIK, as you’ve found out, this isn’t possible currently.
I’ve turned the post into a feature request for you so our team are aware of it.


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Hello @matjones
Thanks a lot for your promptly replay, I’d love to see this feature come with an update, it would render the keystep so much more useful, and if you could add un-quantized sequences that would be awesome.