[Feature Request] Keylab Essential Mk3 - feature request

For a future firmware update:

Can you please implement a “ChordTrigger” mode to the Arpeggiator Mode in the Keylab Essential Mk3?

Like the “ChordTrigger” Mode in the Arpeggiator midi device of AbletonLive where notes will be triggered in a block instead of a sequence.

That would be really great. :slight_smile:


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Hey @chrisKRS glad to see you here!
Thanks for your feature request, we will let our team know about it.

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Are there some news about this?

Hey @chrisKRS thanks for getting back.
We have a long list of Feature Requests and they are treated in order of priority from our QA department.

So as soon as it’s available we will announce it.
Would you allow me to create a ticket for this topic with your information?
In that way you will be notified directly by mail as soon as it will be allowed.

Ok, thanks for your fast response. Of course you can do a ticket for this case. I appreciate your service.

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Sure thing @chrisKRS

Let’s keep exploring :rocket: