[Feature Request] Keylab Essential 88: Continuous sustain pedal?

Just got this little beauty but it seems that doesn’t support continuous pedal input?
tried to configure that in the MCC but it only works as a switch
or I’m missing something?

Hello @coroneddu welcome to our community!

Sorry to hear that…I will send it to a Feature Request cause I was reading some forums and like google stuff and it is very strange but I think your right, Keylab Essential 88 doesn’t allow continuous pedal input. I will send this to Arturia.

BUT someone find a solution so I’ll paste it here so meanwhile Arturia fix it, you can use it.

“I have the same issue here. I think the KeyLab 88 (first version, not the MkII), doesn’t accept continuous CC in the sustain port, so when I want to use this feature, i connect my sustain pedal in the Expression pedal port, and change the CC to 64 (sustain). This works, but if you want the continuous sustain AND the expression pedal… you cannot do it.”

I hope this will help you! See you around! :smiley:

hey VF,
thanks for the warm welcome <3
and thanks for the solution!
I actually do not have the Expression pedal port and I guess I’ve got the MKII? Also don’t know if my pedal is supported? it’s the Roland DP-10 continuous pedal.
The jack insert has only 2 “lines” and not sure if the KL needs a pedal with 3?
But I’m not sure if the KL Essential 88 MKII actually supports continuous pedal all together

You can invert the sustain pedel using the midi control center so sustain is on when the pedal is up. This was the default for me so I had to invert it to work the regular way.