[Feature Request] - keyboard split

Yes - its me again.

Further to my request for separate VCA Envelopes per sound engine I would like to see Keyboard split between engines.

I was creating a patch and wanted a keyboard split with one sound engine on the hand side of the keyboard and the other sound engine on the right. I used the Keyboard function as per the image, positive/negative affect on each engine Volume… This worked but I thought why not just have the ability to set a range for each much like you can in Analog Lab for each instrument?

As a side note this would allow the ARP/SEQ to play notes of one engine while ignoring the other engine. So, for example, a bass arpeggio/Seq could play on HOLD while you played a solo on the other engine. If this is implemented, maybe allowing the toggling of pitch, mod, AT etc like in Analog Labs would also be a good option for each engine…


Pah! you never give up do you! :wink:

Lol yeah of course we’ll mark this as a feature request :smiley:

Its not my fault you made such an inviting synth. :joy:

I will try and limit my requests to one per week…not.