[Feature Request] Is it possible to use more than one KeyLab Essential Mark3 at once

The previous KeyLab and KeyLab essentials only support the use of a single KeyLab in a MIDI setup. While a second KeyLab will function as a generic MIDI controller, the full functionality of displaying the Analog Lab interface on the LCD and total integration with Analog Lab or any other V-Collection instrument is not available on the second or subsequent controllers. Arturia Support have confirmed to me that this is not possible.

Does the Mk3 support the use of more than one controller at once? If not is there a plan to correct this?

Hey @spride we’re glad to see you here! :zap:

Thanks so much for your feature request, indeed it is a nice improvement for the KL family, this concern has already being taken in consideration from our team and they are working hard to find solutions for future versions.

As we have a big portfolio of products this kind of process takes a lot of research and prototyping from our teams, we can’t commit with any promise so far but be sure that we will send your message to push this upgrade.

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