[Feature Request] Individual coarse and fine tuning for presets


Since the new grain oscillators, I miss the ability to tune my presets. Some of the samples I use are not tuned on C, or even not tuned at all at first, but I end up making a tuned sound with them, like a lead with a wood knock. This new feature could be implemented in the preset menu and should give access to a coarse tuning in semitones and a fine tuning in cents. it should also be saved with the preset.

Thank you.

HI @ksk16 and welcome to our Sound Explorers Forum.

You could possibly tune them before import in a wave editor such as WaveLab or Audacity as a ‘workaround’?

We’ll keep this marked as a Feature Request though so our team are aware.

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that’s a fine work around, but it would be pretty great to be able to set the root note and fine-tune the sample from the editor. I expect to see this in a future update.