[Feature Request] FX Tab not changing in MF V when switching effects in MF?

I am amazed by the integration of MiniFreak and MiniFreak V!
Well done, Arturia!!! :clap:

This was exactly what I was waiting for: being able to just noodle around on the MiniFreak without even needing to boot my computer and when designing sounds having the visual feedback of MF V.
I love it! :heart_eyes:

One little thing I find irritating:
When I change the effects on MF by pressing the button ‘Select’, the tab on MF V doesn’t correspond. Turning knobs on the MF will not visualize the correct effect unless I click the tab in MF V with the mouse.

Is this due to my setup or is this the standard behavior?

If the latter, I’d like to turn this into a feature request.


HI @StefanS

AFAIK it’s by design, so i’ll log a feature request as you suggest.