[Feature Request] Function to show all changed and set parameters

Being new to ‘Pigments’ - and to synthesizer music creation at that, the one feature I would require most in ‘Pigments’ would be the following:
A function to highlight all GUI elements which have been changed from their default values - e.g. as an overlay, while the actual pigments GUI is dimmed down in the background.
Or alternatively give ‘Pigments’ a function to show (or even export) a textual list of all parameter settings. I understand that the file format of ‘Pigments’ presets is binary and proprietary - and nothing like XML or JSON who is ‘readable’ and would allow programmers like me to create own list views and visualizations from. But then Arturia should give us a an alternative way to go about the parameters in a more analytical, less intuitive way.
The way it is now - and many users have this stated in the legacy forum already - you have to ‘hunt’ for everything that has been changed and set by touching it with the mouse.
This is not very convenient for analyzing presets - something especially beginners like me do most of their time to start their sound exploration and creation journey.

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Hey @FrankB welcome to our Sound Explorers community!

Thanks so much for your feedback and for sharing your experience with Pigments. We’re working hard to improve some functionalities on further releases.

We will mark this topic as a feature request to let our team know about it.

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I have a related request to make it easier to tell what modulator strips modulators are assigned to [existing]. Even hovering mouse over a control only reveals a category circle, Clicking on the modulator in the modulator strip shows some but not all of its assignments in abbreviations so short as to sometimes be incomprehensible - please lengthen and clarify them? [sometimes lit and assigned lfos etc show NO assignment, though lit in the strip and eg lfo can even be heard with no assignment shown however, how can one even find out all active assignments in a preset or even analyzing one’s own patch, if info is not even there?? Maybe such cases weren’t part of a preset, but I’ve found many such instances for whatever reason.

I notice a colored dot appears by an engine at least if one clicks a modulator which controls something within the engine, that’s good. It’s still way too hard, maybe impossible, to really fully or easily analyze what’s happening in a preset with the current tools. Maybe toggle an overlay view with connector lines? thx

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Per voice “drift/vintage” settings are in a number of the VST instruments now in V Collection. Could this be added to Pigments?