[Feature Request] Extend modulation options when using effect parameters in matrix

Current behavior of the modulation of effects in firmware 2.0.01478:

  • The effect parameters can be modulated.
  • Each effect has 3 parameters, resulting in a total of 9 modulation parameters
  • For many effect parameters, often only one or two modulation sources are used

If you want to modulate numerous effect parameters then the freely assignable modulation destinations in the modulation matrix very quickly become scarce and at the same time only a few sources are generally used per destination, which makes the problem even worse as most of the link points in the modulation matrix remain unused.

Use only one assignable modulation destination per effect and solve the assignment to the 3 possible effect parameters via indirection. This solution would considerably expand the sonic possibilities of the device, as all oscillator parameters as well as all effect parameters could now be modulated simultaneously and 2 additional slots would be available for other parameters.

Description of the solution:

  1. The corresponding effect in the modulation matrix is assigned by pressing the corresponding Assign button and turning the Effect Type knob. Instead of “Page 3 Assign 3 CR Amount 3 CR Move Destination”, for example, the display now shows “Page 3 Assign 3 CR FX3 CR Move Destination” (CR stands symbolically for carriage return or a new line).
    2 The is structured as follows: For each row within the assigned modulation matrix column, an assignment is made to one of the three effect parameters (Time, Intensity, Amount) and shown in the display, for example, by the initial letters ‘T’, ‘I’ and ‘A’ respectively. If more than one letter is possible due to the length, a corresponding display would probably be preferable for the sake of readability. This results in a total list of 7 elements, one element for each row within the corresponding modulation matrix column.
  2. Turning the Effect Type control while holding down the Assign button switches between the elements in the list; pressing the same button jumps to the next element. A reversal of the two functions would also be conceivable; it would be worth trying out which proves to be more practical.
  3. When the Assign button is pressed alone, the list described in 2. appears on the display with the effect prefix in front of it (e.g. “FX3: T I A A I I T T”)
  4. The modulation intensity can then be set as usual in the corresponding rows of the modulation matrix, the display remains in the same form as before, except for the entry of the modulation destination, which is changed from “Amount 3” to “FX3:Amnt” (generally “FX3:Amnt”, “FX3:Time” or “FX3:Intn”). The 3 stands for the options 1-3 of the available effect slots.

Hi @PhonicGate

Many thanks again for your incredibly detailed post, we’ll leave this marked up as a feature request so our team are aware of it.


The detail of the description is born out of the hope that these changes, which I believe are necessary, will be implemented because it will be easier to implement them.