[Feature Request] Export Patch Sheet (i.e. patch settings) for a patch in MCC

I believe MicroFreak is a great synth for learning because of it’s portability and simplicity. However, one down side is that it’s hard to deconstruct existing patches and see what all the synth settings are. This is really useful for reverse engineering patches you like and try rebuilding them.

I think it would be a great learning tool if you could print a “Patch Sheet” for a selected patch in MCC. This could either be a simple text-based list of Parameter Name/Value pairs (e.g. something people could easily copy-paste and share in forums video comments, …), or ideally a nicely laid out mix of graphics and text that on a single page shows all settings for the patch. The layout of the sheet could even mimic the physical layout of the synth panel and knob locations to make it super easy to move between the sheet and the synth panel.

The main purpose for this would be so that you could print this for a few of your favorite patches and then try to make them from scratch yourself following the print out. I think this is the best way to get practice without having to always rely on other people’s tutorials which may not even yield the kid of sound you like. This way you can see how the sounds you like are built.

I strongly believe that this will provide a lot of value, and hope the Arturia team can provide some capabilities in this regard, even if it’s a plain text dump of the settings.

As an example, I’m attaching a patch sheet I made myself for another synth. I’m sure Arturia can come up with a much better design worthy of the MicroFreak.

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