[Feature request] EQ amount using the Intensity knob

Holding “Settings + Modulation Intensity” should increase or decrease (scale the whole curve) of the effect of the currently selected EQ preset. Start it at 50% being the old value and 100% being double the old amount (and 0% being fully dry again). Or 100% to 200% for a doubling… which you guys think makes the most sense to everyone on the team.

I don’t think this combo is currently doing anything except getting us to the EQ preset (curve) selection page.

I’ve asked before, but wanted to bring it back around as this new idea for it, as I think a lot of us would find this control would turn the PolyBrute into more of a tone weapon directly in the presets without much post-production, and bring its immediacy up even further!

Pretty please, and thank you for everything done with previous firmware. This feature (and maybe exposure of more of the other EFX parameters) would massively contribute to the PolyBrute being my desert island board.

Much love.

Hi @discombob

We’ll keep this marked up as a feature request for you so our team are aware of it.