[Feature Request] Enter parameter-values with the keyboard

In Serum or Vital it is possible to enter the values of i.e. knobs with the keyboard.

In Pigments I can’t find such an option.
I’d like to be able to precisely enter some values when I recreate patches I saw in tutorials.

Am I missing something, or would this be a feature request that might be interesting to others, too?



Completely concur! The addition of the ability to input numeric values for knobs would significantly enhance the user experience in Pigments. Particularly on devices like my MacBook Pro, fine-tuning parameters with the trackpad can be tediously slow and lacking precision. I eagerly anticipate the inclusion of this feature.


HI @StarPigment and @StefanS

I’ll log this as a feature request for you, i know others would like this too.



Absolutely :grinning::grinning::grinning:

You can fine tune in small increments by holding down CTRL on your keyboard while dragging. It’s not the same as typing, but it’s something. And yes, typing in the number would be most beneficial… you got my vote!

Yes. The same is true when you hold click with the right mouse button and drag.
So that works equally good for me as typing in the values.