[Feature Request] Disable midi note recording

Good day, I would like to expand the functionality of Polybrute, with a small addition so that it fits better into the generative workflow. The ability to turn off the recording of notes, but at the same time record the movement of the knobs This will make it possible to use an external generative sequencer to generate notes. And record the movement of the knobs if needed. Right now notes and knobs movements are recording together and it is impossible to stop writing notes during the performance. Thanks.

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A valid request I guess.
The control of MIDI data is rather weak in the PB, to my taste.
Annoying for my workflow is that the sequencer/arp of the PB starts as soon as my external sequencer (master clock etc) starts running.
Think about getting an external flexible midi filter box.
From user to user I can propose the CME U6MIDI Pro box. Very flexible routing and filtering. It is to my taste the best for incredible money…

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Also a good point, the ability to control the transport of a midi watch is a useful feature. It is clear that this can be solved with a midi filter. As well as recording knobs simply with an external sequencer via midi CC. But this makes the internal sequencer absolutely useless and just wastes the “weight resource”. I would like to achieve some balance and squeeze out the functionality as much as possible from what is, with a minimum investment and rewriting the entire firmware for developers. We are not asking you to add generative functionality or to the sequencer, you just need to polish what is there.
I hope Arturia’s team heard us.

I hope the rumor that the new firmware will be in the fall is true.