[FEATURE REQUEST] Dedicated outputs for parts

I’m not sure how possible this is, outside of an option for hard panning parts, but it would be quite useful to be able to assign the sounds for each part to a dedicated output (so part one plays only through left, part 2 only through right). Immensely useful for the guy at the sound desk and lots of potential for routing through external effects pedals.
Whilst technically I can do this through pigments (again, hard panning the tone) I’m yet to find a straightforward way of doing this out in the field, so an option in the settings would be really nice.

If this is achievable, I would love to see it in a future update!


The actual manual (which may be not the most accurate for now) indicates we can pan parts ( but it not available for now). Once it’s there, if it happens, we should be able to deal with it exactly as you wish.

Panning of Part1 / Part2 is already possible in Analog Lab, and can be sent to AstroLab.
Hopefully, access to this setting will be added to the AstroLab itself.

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