[Feature Request] Decoupling the vibrato intensity from the remaining modwheel patch points

Current behavior of the vibrato in firmware 2.0.01478:

  • The vibrato frequency and the maximum vibrato intensity can be controlled via the Osc menu.
  • The vibrato can be switched on and off via Shift+Vibrato and then controlled in intensity via the modwheel strip (depending on the settings in the menu).
  • A whole row of the modulation matrix is reserved for the modwheel modulations.

If you want to use the vibrato function in a patch, in many cases the 13 patch points of the modwheel row are omitted, as these patch points are operated simultaneously when controlling the vibrato intensity, which is often not musically desirable. It is also not uncommon to want to have a constant vibrato intensity over a longer period of time and still use the modwheel for tonal changes. (The “invisible LFO” used for this is already there anyway!)

Decoupling the control of the vibrato intensity from the control of the modwheel, configurable via the configuration menu.

Description of the solution:

  1. New setting in the “Keyboard” configuration menu: vibrato coupling with entries “on” and “off”.
    “on” means the previous behavior, “off” means the behavior described below. (Strategy Design Pattern)
  2. Currently, pressing “Shift+Vibrato” (hereafter called V-Activator) turns the vibrato on when it is off and off when it is on. The new behavior should also include the intensity of the current vibrato and work as follows:
    a. The vibrato intensity is set to 0, pressing Vactivator lets the user jump to the vibrato intensity control (WITHOUT controlling the modwheel). Now the user can control the intensity of the vibrato as desired and end the function by pressing VAktivator.
    b. If the vibrato intensity is no longer controlled by Vactivator, the vibrato remains at the current intensity. This allows you to control the vibrato intensity and use the modwheel for other tonal changes at different times. Now only the modwheel or the patch points defined in the matrix in the “Modwheel” column are controlled without changing the intensity of the vibrato.
    c. If the user wants to switch off the vibrato temporarily, they can activate VAktivator to control the vibrato intensity, set the modwheel to 0 and exit the function again using VAktivator. The modwheel can still be used to control sound parameters.
  3. If the LED colors white and “cyan” can be controlled separately, cyan should, as before, indicate the intensity of the vibrato, but separately from the modwheel intensity.
  4. If the current behavior is desired, it can be set in the configuration menu as described above. The status of this menu item should therefore be saved with the patch.

Hi @PhonicGate and many thanks for the highly detailed post.

We’ll keep it marked up as a feature request so our team are aware of it.