[Feature Request] Custom Combinate Type


I would appreciate to have a “custom” mode for the combinate slots where you can directly type in an equation instead of being dependent on the formulas provided by the current types.

Yesterday I tried to put together a signal defined by
1 - (1-ModWheel)*Env2

Quite simple. My solution was:
Comb1= 1-ModWheel (Type: Remap)
Comb2=Comb1*Env2 (Type: Multiply)
Comb3=Func1-Comb2 (Type: Diff)

Works, but I needed one Function and all three Combinate slots for this easy equation. (BTW, can anybody think of an easier solution?)

With a custom type combinate, you could easily set Source to Env2, Mod to ModWheel and type in the equation, e.g. something like 1-(1-$mod)*$source.
This way you could also realize more complex things like trigonometric functions, exponential functions, and so on. Would be more powerful than anything we have today.

HI @A_K_F and welcome to The Sound Explorers Forum!

Thanks for the request, we’ll keep it marked up as such so our team are aware of it.


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