[Feature Request] Control coarse quantize behaviour

It would be amazing if you could somehow combinate the coarse quantize function so you can add lag to the quantized notes so they blend a little nicer.

No big deal. Just wanted to do that today the. realised I couldn’t.

Hi @swaddo84,

Do you by “blend” mean pitch glide?
Why don’t you just disable Quantize?
What are you trying to do?

I want to keep the quantisation but have portamento rather than the glissando feel that the quantise function has.

I do a lot of sequencing using the function generator on a quantised oscillator.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s one of my favourite functions, but the option would be nice.

But that’s opposite behaviors.
If a synth for example can quantize normal Glide/ Portamento between played notes, then you get Glissando.
So when you Quantize the Coarse Parameter, then you also get the Glissando effect, when you modulate the parameter. Otherwise the Quantize shall be disabled when the Glide is taking place.

If you want to have a smooth glide/ portamento between notes, when you modulate the Coarse, then you need to disable Quantize.
I can suggest you look at the numbers in section “ Mod Quantize” in Pigments manual. That perhaps can help you to get an idea how to hit the right notes without using Quantize for the Coarse.

Keep in mind, that Pigments Sequencer have a GLIDE lane where each step can have a glide amount.
And the Keyboard section also have GLIDE.
Both work with note events though.