[Feature Request] Commit macro's current value to its destinations (major workflow improvement)

Macros are powerful tools for finding sweet spots. But sometimes, you want to change a given macro to serve another purpose while keeping that initial sweet spot.

For example, you may have macro 1 assigned to cutoff, have the macro dialed in to taste, but realize that you’d prefer macro 1 be used for FM.

My request - add an option to commit the current modulation settings for macros.
This would set any target to the value currently configured by the macro, and would update any sidechained modulators in the same way. (As an example, if macro 1 modulates cutoff from from 0 - 100%, but set to 50%, committing would set cutoff to 50% and remove macro 1 as a modulation source.)

Currently, making this type of change to your patch requires manual labor. You need to dial in the destination’s value by “eyeing it out”, sometimes needing to doing math for any sidechain modulations. This is error prone and tedious. This type of change is common for anyone doing sound design, either from scratch or by using a preset as a foundation.

The interface already allows to remove, copy, or move the current modulation settings to a different modulator. This interface could be extended to support committing. This functionality doesn’t make sense for any other modulators due to them being dynamic.

Thank you for you consideration.

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Hi @robbiep welcome to our Sound Explorers community!

Thanks for sharing your ideas to improve our products! we really appreciate our community’s feedback.

We will mark this topic as a feature request to let our team know about it.

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