[Feature Request] Can we get a MicroFreak V?

I asked this before, but no word from the devs… I would really love a VST version of the MicroFreak. My MiniFreak and its plugin version are an awesome combination, but the MicroFreak has still some uniqueness (particularly the paraphonic mode that shares the single filter) that would benefit from having a plugin too!


Hi @C_Huelsbeck we’re glad to see you here!

At the moment there is no project on the roadmap to develop a MicroFreak V.

Nevertheless we will mark this topic as a feature request to let our team know about it.
We thank you a lot for your feedback indeed it could be nice this improvement!

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Let’s keep exploring :zap:


Thanks for the reply! Please consider it… I would pay again for a MicroFreak V even though I own the hardware!


I would love the idea like they did with the minifreak.


The combination would be unbeatable… tracking with the hardware is just so tedious and I just love how well it works with the MiniFreak… not to mention that new firmware with the sample and granular playback option actually makes the MicroFreak even more attractive!


I would be very happy to pay for such a MikroFreak V as well. I own the MikroFreak and like it a lot, but find it hard sometimes to get a picture of all the parameter values. Especially regarding the modulation matrix and the sequencer/ARP patterns.

A simpler alternative might be a patch converter so that I could import and see my MikroFreak patches in the MiniFreak V.

But the fully integrated combination of hardware and VST version would be fantastic!


I was looking for this as a feature when I picked up a used MicroFreak and contacted Arturia about getting it re-registered to me. The re-registration was easy due to helpful folks at headquarters, but I’d apparently not researched enough and thought there was a V version alongside.

It’d be awesome to have, as sometimes I can have my keyboard plugged in at home, but sometimes I have weeks of steady gigs/rehearsals/writing sessions and have maybe an hour to do any writing sometimes. A MicroFreak V component/standalone would be incredible as a creative tool and flexibility enhancer.