[Feature Request] Can we expect a New Keylab?

Since you’ve upgraded the essential, can we expect an upgrade of the Keylab MK2 soon ? :>)

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Hey @MarquisVonLion welcome to our Sound Explorers community!

At the moment we can’t promise you an upgrade but you can subscribe to our Newsletter to be the first to know about them.

We hope you’re enjoying your KL-MK2!

Let’s keep exploring :zap:

I hope it will manage nks …

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If the product is not yet in the work, could you put the pots and faders on the left of the keyboard and the pads on the right ?




If they’re going to share any code with the Minilab 3 they need more fixes and improvements first. The Minilab 3 has endless hardware encoders but they only send absolute values among other issues. They seem to have a bad habit of leaving controller implementations half-baked. I really want a solid Keylab but these last two controllers I’ve bought have been very disappointing. It’s like their QA is asleep or absent.

Wondering the same thing myself… when the mk3 is going to be released.

Where I am stock levels of the mk2 seem to be really low and given we’re 4 years since the mk2 and the mk3 of the essential has been updated it seems like it could be just around the corner…

Based on the above I’m very hesitant to buy right now because would find it pretty annoying if new one was released immediately after, but I guess can only just wait and find out.


Same here, I’ll be waiting ;>)

I was ready to purchase a new KeyLab 61 MK2, but after seeing the new KeyLab Essential mk3 come out, i’m also wondering if I should wait.

What new features other than the bigger LED screen does the Essential MK3 have that the old KeyLab MK2 does not have?

I’m just hoping the designers don’t give a new KeyLab MK3 the same end caps as the new Essential MK3. I think the current end caps on the KeyLab MK2 look better then the MK3 end caps.

That would be my wish too: Faders to the left, pads to the right (so you can control articulation with the faders while playing with the right hand).

This and a better keybed. Those are my only two wishes, since I think besides that, the mk2 is already close to perfect.

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