[Feature Request] Can software engineers develop Spark as VST 3 please

I never did get an update as to if Arturia would develop a VST 3 version of spark
VST 2 is being phased out


Hey @macdonald welcome to our Sound Explorers community!

We see you love Spark! we can’t promise you a VST so far but we will mark this as a feature request to let our team know about it :control_knobs:

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Let’s keep exploring :zap:


While you’re at it, could you also tell the team to update Spark with a bigger GUI, please ?

It’s a really nice plugin.




There are a lot of users out there that have invested and purchased Spark
Also it is on the Arturia website to purchase
Hence that is why it stll needs to be supported and create a VST 3 version and other support requests as well

Selling a product on the website and clearly no further support in updates results in unacceptable customer service as a company


Arturia is one of the best companies and it has a fantastic support service. I don’t understand why they don’t bring out a new Spark. They release such amazing instruments but there are no dum machines in software. I don’t expect that there ir no upgrade price for Spark 3, but I will certainly pay for an upgraded product with scalable interface and maybe some drumbrute sound possibilities.

I’d like to voice my support for a modern iteration of Spark, complete with all the features common to new V Collection instruments (such as resizable GUI, modern preset library, new FX section, etc.). It’s a damn shame that Arturia chose to leave Spark by the wayside and push for the Augmented series.

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