[Feature Request] Bundle Jun-6 and Chorus

Ok, as it seems I am christening the Jun-6 forum page, I’d like to start with a suggestion…

While researching which Juno VST emulation I would like to buy, I noticed that Arturia has the Jun-6 chorus module available as a separate VST.

The cost on the website is €99 for the Chorus module, and €149 for the whole synth… This implies the chorus unit is 2/3 of the value of the whole synth!!

I also note that the nearest competitor (Softube’s Model 84) includes not just the chorus but ALL of the component modules as plugins for their virtual Eurorack setup.

It seems crazy to me that Arturia don’t bundle the chorus VST with a purchase of the synth. I haven’t seen that offered anywhere, and I don’t believe the Jun-6 allows external audio through the FX section (another common feature…)

Is there any realistic chance of the chorus being bundled with the Jun-6 in future? If so I can wait, but if not the alternative (currently half price in the Softube sale) looks pretty appealing…!


Jun-6 V have a build-in chorus. The Jun chorus is a part of the Jun sound. Just look at the picture here on the product sales site:

The effect version is a speciel extended version to use with any audio in a host.

Thanks, I understand that the chorus is built into the Juno/Jun-6.

What I am asking is for the FX-only version to be included when purchasing the Jun-6.

It seems a shame to charge another €100 for a component you have alredy purchased. Softube provide all their Juno modules as Eurorack plugins, for free.

Hi @Sikdrumz we’re glad to see you here!

Summer sales are comming soon, I guess it would be a nice moment to get your Chorus JUN-6 Fx!

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Let’s keep exploring :zap:

I would like to buy the Jun-6 if the standalone chorus was included. Is that possible?

Hey @Sikdrumz both products are conceived for different purposes.

Arturia’s JUN-6 has integrated a Chorus as you can see it here:

while the Chorus JUN-6 FX is conceived as a powerful tool to be used with any instrument to give the “JUN touch” with a wide range of parameters… so it all depends on what is your goal.

Remember that you can try any of our software instruments and effects for free on Demo version at any time.

Hi Sikdrumz, I’ve requested a feature to group products together, “in the style” of Softube
(Mini Filter with Mini V; Jun Chorus with Jun-6V;…)

That doesn’t mean it will happen, but it’s possible! Stay tuned :wink:

Otherwise, indeed certain promotions can be very advantageous for acquiring both products at the same time at low cost.


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That is awesome, thanks so much for asking.

It would make a real difference vs the Softube option!

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Just returning to this topic now that the summer sale is over…

Is there a realistic timeframe I should use re. when to check back in on this request?

Many thanks again!


I think you get the first news in a newsletter like nats.arturia mention above.
Don’t exspect to get a time frame, even if it can be possible.