[Feature request] better preset management on synth

I thought about 2 features that could help a lot managing presets, even when plugged to Polybrute connect :

  • when browsing presets on synth, being able to quickly cycle beetween them with “amount” dial, instead of only “left and right arrows”. A click on a button like “Preset” to validate your choice of preset and load it.
  • having ability to tag “favorite” presets, like it’s done in all Arturia software and on Keylab mk3. Then we could filter presets on favorites (like we can on type) and cycle between them with dial :heart_eyes:

I feel like those would bring consistency between Arturia products (first one is already found on Freak series, second one is a given on every software including Polybrute connect but not for presets stored on synth)


I agree with both of these suggestions. I usually end up with a written list of favorite presets, which is less than ideal.

HI @beudbordel and welcome to The Sound Explorers Forum!

Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll keep it marked up as a feature request so our team are aware of it.


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…totally agree with above remarks.

One additional suggestion:
– implementing some kind of filter for the Project name in the PB OS, this could be another way to get the right set of presets when you need it

I am aware that this would mean a big change in the firmware, as this information is currently only part of Connect…but on the other hand - maybe not :slight_smile:

+1 for me - Before reading this I also added

[Feature Request ] add Favourite ability to patches

My request is that favourited patches are highlighted on the hardware with a backlight on the patch matrix pages - making them instantly easy to see