[Feature Request] Augmented Series Dark Mode request

This is a request for all instruments in the Augmented Series (So far Brass, Piano, Strings and Voices)

The bright interface, for all of these instruments, can be tough on the eyes and can possibly discourage long sound design sessions - especially, in the average studio, where the lighting can be lower.

Are there any plans, in a future Augmented Series updates, to allow the selection of a dark mode for the Augmented Series? This would make the Augmented Series much easier on the eyes, IMHO


Hey @Promidi :zap:
Indeed it could be nice this improvement for our Augmented Series.
Thanks for your feature request, we will let our team know about it.

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Yes, PLEASE provide a dark mode soon!!


+1 for this please. I really enjoy the sound of the Augmented instruments but the blinding white is a bit much to stare at.


YES! Dark mode please! I own the augmented series and cannot use it because it blinds me (I’m already about 50% blind due to glaucoma). A dark mode like Pigments will make it a pleasure to work in.



Yes please my eyes my eyes!

Please dark mode Augmented Voices!

Yeah, I could go for this too.

So how 'bout it Arturia? Next update?

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In the mean time, I set keyboard shortcuts to invert MacOS/Windows colors. Its annoying doing this repeatedly while working, but its works for now.

+1 for the dark mode :wink: