[Feature Request] AudioFuse 8pre Audiofuse APP UPDATE PLEASE

I was wondering if there any future plans of updating the audiofuse app to have better control over the 8PRE audio interface?? The options to connect channels with other channels like in the 16 rig. Having more CC mappings or ADAT options like in the Focusrite or Universal Audio apps have paremeters that can mapped & SAVED. The audiofuse app for 8pre doesn’t save anything so the app is pretty much useless! I love Arturia but please we need to be able to at least save our normal settings so we don’t have to relabel everything over & over again. This is very frustrating. We need to be able to control things…Thanks please update.

HI @Daylight187 and thanks for posting.

I’ll mark this as a feature request for you so our team are aware of it.


Thanks so much. Merry Christmas to the Arturia squad.

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…And the same to you :grin: