[Feature Request] Audio Input - Vocoder instrument only

Just got my new Astrolab 61 and excited about the possibilities of the Stereo XLR inputs!
From the docs, this seems limited to with the Vocoder instrument currently.

Are there any other use cases that I’m missing currently? I’d love to have the following functionality in future:

  • Raw Audio input passthrough to the final mix - to allow things like playing along to backing tracks / groove boxes.
  • Audio input that can be processed by onboard effects - not sure how this would work UI-wise, but if the Effects stack / 2nd Screen Processing of the Mobile App expands, it would be amazing to pass in some ambient audio into something like EFX Fragments etc. for live playback of field recordings.
  • Effects Pedal Return into Mix - not sure if this could even work (!), but combined with an external pedal, it would be fun to combine Astrolab with outboard gear pedals.
  • Control / Mixing of Individual Mono Channels - so that a Guitar + Microphone could be potentially used and mixed.

Thanks for bringing this amazing product - exciting to see how it evolves!

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Hey @nasce
Great to see you’ve made it over here to the new Sound Explorers Forum!

We’ll leave this marked up as ‘a feature request’ so our team are aware of it.


I asked for this too when received mine, must have!!

For now, there are alternative to the vocoder, but again we need an external/thru possibility.


clic on “stereo input” tab

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If you set say, Vocoder V, as audio passthough, you can create a Multi with the Vocoder on one Part, and for instance a Piano on the other Part. Both parts will be mixed in the output.

As for playing along backing tracks, you can also do that via Bluetooth. AstroLab can play audio tracks from your cell phone or other Bluetooth device, and that is mixed with the audio from AstroLab.

When the “audio passthrough” instrument is loaded in a Part, it does go through the effects of that Part.

Thanks for the ideas @Sean_W !

I’m assuming that the passthrough settings require Vocoder software on the laptop to make changes, then upload patches to AstroLab?

I’m kind of hoping for a more laptop free, hands on way of doing things :relaxed:

In the link that rcmusic provided above, there are 3 templates for “Dry Input” presets for Analog Lab:

After downloading them from these links, you can import them in Analog Lab, even if you do not own the Vocoder, Pigments nor MiniV software.
From Analog Lab, you can transfer them into the AstroLab.
Once they are stored in your AstroLab, you can use them anytime without the laptop.

Thanks @Sean_W I thought this might be the case!

I think going back to my original feature request, it would be nicer eventually to have these kind of controls available without having to go back to the laptop, with the onboard controls, or even in the companion mobile app.

Just to be clear, you only need to transfer this “Dry Input” preset to the AstroLab once, and then it is kept in the AstroLab’s storage.
From then on, you can create new Multi presets combining this “Dry Input” preset with another instrument and effects, directly on the AstroLab.