[Feature Request] - Assignable MIDI to have Aftertouch send same CC# as Mod Strip

Per my other thread, there should be an option to have the Aftertouch send the same CC# as the mod strip for those of us using synths without robust MIDI implementation. The mod strip works on the most basic mono synth, but the AT doesn’t, but it’d be nice to assign the AT to the same as mod strip to avoid having to use more fingers than necessary. Most modern synths can do this. Most modern synths can accept AT. Most modern synths can assign AT to things like mod or filters. Please make it an option to assign AT to modulation (or whatever the mod strip is set up to - mod depth?). Thanks!

Hi @PolyBrute thanks for your feedback :pray:

We will mark this topic as a feature request to let our team know about it.

Let’s keep exploring :zap: