[Feature Request] Arturia Control Center

Hi. I didn’t know where to create this topic, sorry if it’s not in the right place. Could it be possible to add a function to the Control Center like room correction EQ? Maybe just an EQ for the Master channel, so that you could import something like a REW file.


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Not sure that should be in the Midi control center. It really should be in your analog audio monitor chain so that all output gets the same treatment.

If you are on macOS, the Rogue Amoeba SoundSource app is super flexible and does this plus much more on a system and per app level. It also supports plugins in the paths. Their Audio Hijack can also do this, but you are creating specific signal chains that can include their own plugins and any audio units. It is geared towards recording outside DAWs.

I have Event Opals Monitors that came with a calibration mike and was able to set up the monitors with their controls - probably the cleanest approach. I feed them via a PeachTree DAC/Preamp.

Hi! I didn’t mean the Midi Control Center. I was talking about the Control Center of my AudioFuse Studio. Again, sorry if the topic isn’t in the right place.

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What would be killer would be for Arturia to work with Dirac and implement the live correction in the Audiofuse. Dirac Live corrects for both phase and frequency and provides the best sounding speaker correction (in my mind having used both Dirac Live and Sonarworks). Think Dirac’s business model should also be well aligned to implementing this as a feature in Audiofuse. Would suggest that the feature is enabled for Dirac users who already calibrated their systems. New users would then just have to purchase Dirac Live to benefit from real time speaker correction.

I think that this option shouldn’t be only available for Dirac or Sonarworks users. Arturia should provide this function with their software because they have the resources and we as users should expect to get this function along the premium hardware they sell.

To have a Dirac Live or Sonarworks calibration to load, someone need to pay for either so that the calibration can be created for your room.

Would make perfect sense that you could create a REW measurement and have Audiofuse load that as well.

However, please note that both Dirac and Sonarworks measures responses over multiple position to avoid trying to compensate for deep peaks and valleys created by standing waves. Dirac also does time domain calibration. REW does none of that. So don’t think you would be happy just loading an REW response and use that.

Being able to load a response from a third party solution provider is similar to what Adam offers on their newest A7 (in collaboration with Sonarworks).

For Arturia to create their own proprietary room correction software is something completely different, and to me, would not be their best use of time since multiple companies already have well functioning solutions. If Arturia did that, I am also sure you would have to pay for it.