[Feature Request] - Arpeggiator - Chord mode

Please add a “Chord” mode to the arpeggiator, so we can arpeggiate polyphonic repeats!

I really miss this feature, so please consider it.


Hi @jobinho . Welcome to the community.

You allready have some possibilities. The two main Engines have a Chord mode except for the Harmonic Engine Types.

It arpeggiate like chords, but not single notes in the chord this way.

Hi there,

Thanks for your reply!

I like that feature too but as a live performer I’d like the ability to generate polyphonic repeats while I’m playing on the fly, which a chord mode for the Arpeggiator would enable.

The engine chord function in Pigments is useful but doesn’t allow the flexibility for performers to generate bespoke arpeggiated chords with the keyboard while playing.

Here’s the play modes for Omnisphere’s arp and it’s similar for Dune, it would be great to have more options similar to these synths inside Pigments, including the Chord mode I mentioned above :slight_smile: