[Feature Request] Arm and undo shortcuts for Ableton Live?


today I tried my first recordings in session view. I found myself switching between the Minilab controller and the mouse. To do a full recording roundtrip without the mouse I miss only two features. The first one is “undo” to remove the unsuccessful recording. The second one is “arm” to arm another track upon selection.

Getting this two shortcuts would drastically improve the workflow allowing for a mouse free recording session.

  • Did I miss it in the documentation?
  • Any solutions are workarounds?


To arm a track in session view: Shift click the main knob.

This is documented in “MiniLab 3 Live Integration Script”. The headline on the webpage above is not manual but “Daw-Integration-Script”. You don’t expect a documentation behind the link but an installer. So it’s difficult to find.

Still no solution to trigger undo.

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