[Feature Request] and [Bluetooth]

Hi there everyone!
As a long time user of Arturia products (every V-Collection and an Origin too) i couldn’t escape this new temptation. Had mine a week ago and i found these quirks:

  • Bluetooth: deadly slow, tried to play over Jamzone App audio from my phone and chords arrive with 3 to 5 seconds latency. Unusable. The sound is quite odd too, it seem to be a bit out of tune… did anyone else noticed this?

  • Live Use: if this keyboard is born for live use i think that some sort of “sound loading” display status is needed : when you change from one sound to another you cannot know when the patch you called is ready, sometimes it takes seconds, and during live playing the wrong sound during the right time can be deadly… draw an hourgrass, miss minutes or a circular loading bar, use some led, do something to show “hey it’s ready, play!”

Am i the only one who cannot find the tuning and transpose in general?
The manual in 3.7.1 general section shows tuning and transpose, but i cannot have them (of course fw is up to date!)
Show poliphony too is missing, i can only choose cpu usage (maybe i’m dumb)

  • IMPORT purchased sound bank from V-Collection directly into the Astrolab via PC or APP: come on…i cannot spend hours of click and drag…

Some strange behaviour occured when polyphony saturation is reached, it feels “slippy” in some way, giving reliability doubts for a live gig …

Best regards everyone! and please keep on developing this little beauty! You are not Roland or Yamaha thanks God! :grin: :slightly_smiling_face:

HI @Spargiulo and welcome to The Sound Explorers Forum!

Thanks for the feedback and suggestions, we’ll keep this marked up as a feature request so our team are aware of it.


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